Without Him, nothing works

In a previous post, I shared a video that I made about my “control journal”. This was the first video I have dared to post on the internet. I basically did a “voiceover video” because I am still not bold enough to show my mug on camera. I didn’t script the video and while explaining the theme scripture for the book, which was “through skillful and Godly wisdom is my life, my home and my family built”, I uttered “without Him, nothing works”.

Menu (June 28 – July 4)

Menu (June 28 – July 4)


Never take a chance with out you
(Cause) I’ ll never do my best with out you
I never wanna leave this life abundantly

Wordless Wednesday…Not Quite

My first video (made public)

I have a Flip camera and I finally made first video that I have made public. It’s all about my Home Companion, my version of Flylady’s Control Journal.