After seeing some nice handmade bags for coupons on Etsy, I remembered I had this bag in my closet and decided to convert it to a coupon purse. When I go shopping, I just slip my phone and wallet in and I am good to go. The size is 11″ W x 8″ L. The straps are 9″ long. I can be stylish while I shop and I don’t have to worry about dropping my coupon box. The only thing is my husband refuses to bring it when he shops alone 😉

I use this for the coupons and/or products we use most. I don’t clip any other coupons. I simply date the inserts and file them in an portable accordion style file case. I have tried the insert method alone and the binder method alone and this hybrid way of organizing my coupons has been the best choice for me and has yielded the greatest results.