Nope, not a glass of wine or vodka. Just a cup of Living Water. So many times in Scripture, analogies are made about God, His Word, and water. There are times when I feel kind of dry and then I read His Word and it literally feels like I am taking a cool drink on a hot day. This song by Kristy Starling sums it up for me…


Something about Your love
That fills me up like an ocean, Lord
You consume me
Something about Your grace
I can’t explain why You give it to me
It’s a mystery

You’re my necessity
You quench the thirst in me

I don’t know what I’d do
I couldn’t go one day without You
You are like water to me
I can’t live, I can’t breathe
Your love is everything that I need
You are like water to me

I need to take You in
Like oxygen, every second
Just to make it through
Without Your touch
This world would be too much
I depend on You

You’re my necessity

Raining down on me forever
I need You to flood my soul