I started using Twitter in November of 2007, mostly as a business tool. At the time, I really couldn’t figure out what to use it for. I started getting followers who were mostly related to my industry, which was cool. But I felt awkward tweeting about non business things. So I kind of stopped tweeting and started lurking.

In the last quarter of 2008 I decided to give it another try from a “mommy” point of view. I started following different people who interested me..mostly WAHMs and a few started following me back. As I began to follow their tweets, check their profiles and websites something interesting began to happen. I started getting a renewed vision on what I was all about..marriage, motherhood, working at home etc.

It hasn’t been easy to jump in and say hello and start a conversation but I’m working at it. 🙂 Twitter is actually helping me to not be a “Lone Mommy”.

All things in moderation though. Twitter can be a distracting time drain and so I have decided to try to limit my tweeting to evening hours.