In a previous post, I shared a video that I made about my “control journal”. This was the first video I have dared to post on the internet. I basically did a “voiceover video” because I am still not bold enough to show my mug on camera. I didn’t script the video and while explaining the theme scripture for the book, which was “through skillful and Godly wisdom is my life, my home and my family built”, I uttered “without Him, nothing works”.

Words cannot express how true this is in my life. I am utterly dependent upon the Lord. Not perfectly walking it out in all areas, but I am so dependent on Him to do everything. What’s cool about that, is that it is okay to be that way. In this world, you can look to people and things and be sorely disappointed. The Lord never disappoints. He always provides the wisdom and help I need to not just survive but to live. I really don’t understand how a person can deal in this life without connection with Him. Some may call it a crutch, but it’s too late now. I’m hooked.

Early on in my Christian walk, I spent much more time in the Word than I do now. And so someone asked me what I did with most of my time. I told them that I read my Bible. This person said to me, “that’s good, but you need to get back to reality.” I didn’t say anything in response, but I said to myself, “get back to reality, this is my REALITY!” I could relate to how Peter answered Jesus, after Jesus asked would Peter leave him. Peter said, “where are we going to go, you are the one who has the words to eternal life”  (my translation).

Rambling here and I may come back and edit this later, but I just wanted to express that “without Him, I can do nothing” but “through Christ, I can do all things. I sing and enjoy music very much and the following song (which brings me to tears every time I listen to it) sums up what I’m trying to say in this post.

Abundantly by J. Moss  (audio)   http://bit.ly/jVv3I

The lyrics are posted here https://www.godlyhome.com///?p=151