As mentioned in my previous post, the theme for my goal setting this year (and every year for that matter) is Luke 2:52. Being the visual person that I am, I like to have everything (“the vision”) written out so that I can run with it.

I have been feverishly working on putting together my goals 2009 notebook. Every morning for the last few days I have looked forward to working on it and today it’s pretty much completed except I need to add my checklists so I can monitor my progress.

It came as a revelation to me during this process that most of my goals are really habits that I need to establish or break in different areas of my life. They don’t really have an ending point, and these habits/goals are something I am going to work on again and again and the due date is ASAP.

I also realized that my overarching goal is to see myself how God sees me. Yes I have weaknesses, but when I look at myself from His perspective I can have an expectation that negative things I have participated in are going to drop off as I become more in union with Him. He loves me and has great plans for me, so I can accept myself. If He accepts me, I accept me. I can “allow His power to transform my weaknesses, rather than belittling myself when I make a mistake” – Myles Munroe.

So…I am uber excited about 2009 and I am planning to blog about it on a regular basis…that’s one of the habits I want to implement.